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Certificate of Completion This certificate is awarded to for completing the CARS Tab by Tab on-line training
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in the most recent calendar year. The certificate is valid for one calendar year from its date of release and it can be renewed. To be eligible for this certificate, a person must have completed the CPRS Tab by Tab training as defined above. A certificate is not required for the National Board Certification. CPRS Tab by Tab Training This CPRS Tab by Tab certification is made out in the form of a tab-by-tab certificate on a computer screen, which is completed by a person with CPR training. The tab-by-tab certification is applicable to most CPR course offerings offered online; however, it may not be applicable to all courses offered online. The tab-by-tab certificate (Tab-BPC) is issued within the first week of any school's class after the tab-by-tab instruction has been completed. A person can request an application form by going to the CPRMIS/BPC website. Completion of Tab-BPC is valid for one year. CPRS Tab by Tab Certification No. One Two Three Four Five Six Tab by tab certificate on a Computer Screen or Card Prerequisites for Tab-BPC A person must have completed the Tab-BPC course to receive the tab-by-tab certification. You will not be eligible for certification until you have completed the Tab-BPC class. Certification Requirements A tab-by-tab certified person must meet the following certification requirements. The Tab-BPC Class Completion A person who is tab-by-tab certified must complete the Tab-BPC course (CPRS Tab by Tab on-line training) within the first week of any school's class after receiving certification. The Tab-BPC Certificate If a person has completed the CPRS Tab by Tab through the CPRMIS website or CPRMIS/BPC, the person will not be eligible for certification until Tab-BPC is completed. In addition, a person who is tab-by-tab certified only can obtain the Tab-BPC certificate only if the person has completed the CPRS Tab by Tab through the CPRMIS website or CPRMIS/BPC. CPRS Tab by Tab Certificate No. One Two Three Four Five Six Inquiry About CPRS Tab or Certification Questions about CPRS Tab or the CPRS Certification Program should be addressed to BPC Coordinator Susan Anderson.<|endoftext|>I've always been a fan of The Simpsons, with the exception of Seasons 4 and 5. Even with the decline
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Hey everyone it's Nate Johnson here from fly plugins calm and welcome to this documentation video on our new PDF certificate of completion function a lot of you have asked for this, and we're really excited that we have finally gotten this included basically this is going to allow you to provide your course participants with a PDF certificate of completion for any WP course or a course that they've finished so once you have the newest version of WP courseware with the certificates included you're going to see over here in your WP courseware settings that you now have certificates, so we can go into settings certificates, and we can configure our certificate for all of our WP courseware courses once you're in here you're going to see just a few simple settings the first one that you're going to see is signature type which is required you can use just text for the signature field on the certificate, or you can upload an image file if you have an image a digital image of your certificate keep in mind that you do need to keep that to 340 pixels wide and 80 pixels high for that to render correctly, so you can upload a signature image file if you choose, or you can just use text and put the appropriate name in there that you'd like to display on their certificate we have uploaded an image file for signatures, so we'll just select image file for now you can also choose to show your logo so if you have a company logo a university logo something that you want to include on the PDF certificate again you can show that here you can choose not to show it and if you do, you can upload your image here, or you can put in a URL from your WordPress media library if you already have something uploaded but do keep in mind again there are dimensions required dimensions for this to render correctly on the PDF certificate and those would be 320 pixels wide and 240 pixels high as you can see here just as a reminder, so you may just want to create in the logo image to upload for your PDF certificates and then finally we can choose whether we want to use the built-in background included in the WP courseware certificate function or if you have a custom background that you want to upload and again the required dimensions are here 3508 and wide pixels in width and 2480 high at a dpi of 72, so we're just going to use the built-in certificate background here we'll save all of our settings pretty simple and once those have saved we can go up and just click preview certificate and that's going to take just a moment to load, so we can check out the settings that we've selected here we go this is our PDF that our students would see you'll see that we have the user's name here obviously we are logged in just as an administrator, so your students name your registrants name would show up here it will give the name of the course next which they have completed the date of completion as well as the logo and the signature file that we chose to upload so now that we have a certificate...
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